Guru Ansh Family Tree


Pothimala Building is situated at Guruharsahai in Firozpur Distt. of Punjab India. The foundation of this building was laid by Guru Jiwan Mal [7th Direct Descendent of Guru Ram Das-4th Sikh Guru] in 1745 A.D. The Pothimala Building houses the PADAM SAHIB, the SALIGRAM, and parts of the Bead [Mala] that belonged to Guru Nanak Dev Ji., the 1st Sikh Guru. The rosary [Pothi] that belonged to Guru Nanak Dev Ji was stolen when Guru Jaswant Singh was the Gaddi Nashin.The holy relics of Guru Nanak have descended in the family since generations and the eldest male heir of the family, the Gaddi Nashin, is the custodian of the relics.

Following is the authentic FAMILY TREE depicting the SODHI BANS.

Guru Ram Das Sodhi [The celebrated 4th Sikh Guru] 24/09/1534- 01/09/1581
Guru Prithi Chand [Elder Brother of Guru Arjan Dev, the 5th Sikh Guru] 1509-1606
Guru Mehr Baan
Guru Har Ji
Guru Har Gopal
Guru Gurditta Ji
Guru Jian Mal [Founder of Guru Har Sahai in 1745, area named after his son, Har Sahai]
Guru Har Sahai 1725-1750
Guru Ajit Singh [Died in 1813]
Guru Hamir Singh [Died in 1834]
Guru Gulab Singh [Died in 1868]
Guru Fateh Singh [Died in 1879]
Guru Bishan Singh [1849-1910]
Guru Jaswant Singh [1898-1971]
Guru Atamjit Singh [1921-1979]
Guru Haresh Singh [19/04/1946- 24/02/2012] Abdicated in 1995
Guru Yuvraj Singh 25/05/1994, Present Gaddi Nashin and 17th Direct Descendant of Guru Ram Das Ji, the sole custodian of the holy relics of Guru Nanak Dev Ji at the Pothi Mala Building at Guru Har Sahai.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is the correct and authentic information for the Sodhi Bans and the Direct Descendants of Guru Ram Das Ji. Any person/organization claiming any information deviant from the above would be false, fraudulent and grossly misleading.