Guru Gaddi of the Descendants of Guru Ram Dass

This website is dedicated to my father, Guru Haresh Singh Sodhi [19 April 1946- 24 February 2012], on his 5th Death Anniversary, a humble attempt to take forward what he initiated.

Almost twenty years ago my father took the strenuous exercise of compiling online, the glorious history of the Sodhis [titled as the Gurus] of Pothi Mala in Guru Har Sahai. The village 'Guru Har Sahai' owes its name to Guru Jiwan Mal [the 7th direct descendant of Guru Ram Dass Ji] who named the region 'Lakhi Jungle' after his son 'Har Sahai', thus known to be Guru Har Sahai with the title 'Guru' prefixed to his name.

The once Guru Har Sahai Estate now marks the descent of a blue blood era. The high-powered Sodhi family bestowed with the title 'The Chiefs of Punjab' had a land holding of 100,000 acres [thus the name ‘Lakhi Jungle’], now named ‘Guru Har Sahai’, much after the British took over the area. The land size dwindled to a modest number, over the generations; however, the Sodhi family continued to retain the religious affluence and reverence by the 'Pothi Mala' followers far and wide.

Pothimala building, which is more than 300 years old, the cornerstone of Guru Har Sahai, has remained the rightful seat of the Gaddi Nashin [eldest male heir] with Guru Yuvraj Singh Sodhi, the 17th direct descendant of Guru Ram Dass, as the present Guru Ansh, after my father who was the 16th direct descendant. In addition to the building being plush with vibrant wall murals and delightful architectural artistry that now crave urgent restoration, it's a haven to the rather unexplored holy relics of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the 1st Sikh Guru,

The epithet 'Pothi Mala' denotes Pothi- the sacred scripture handwritten by Guru Nanak Dev Ji; and Mala- the rosary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Relics of Guru Nanak Dev Ji that descended in this Family are the original Pothi, the Mala; the Topi [ head gear] of Guru Nanak Dev Ji; the Padam [Priceless Jewel with the image of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his right foot thumbprint visible]; the Saligram which has 16 circles engraved around it belonging to Guru Nanak] & other holy relics.

The original Pothi was stolen during the lifetime of Guru Jaswant Singh Sodhi [the 14th descendant of Guru Ram Dass Ji]. Some notable literates of Sikh religion also hint at rumors of the Pothi having being stolen away to the US or a part of a private European collection now.

Along with the remaining holy relics & the crumbling heritage building, stands tall the followers' undaunted faith in the mystical powers of the Guru Gaddi at the Pothi Mala in Guru Har Sahai.

"The untold historic journey from the genesis of the
Suryavanshi Sodhis to the present lineage of Guru Ram Dass Ji"